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Sarah Sharp on Licensing, Marketing Tactics, and Standing Out in Austin, TX


Sarah Sharp is a talented songwriter, music supervisor, and the lead singer of the Austin-based Jitterbug Vipers. I chatted with her about music licensing, marketing tactics, and standing out in Austin’s crowded music scene. [Read more...]

A New Way to Make Band Posters: Interview with Jonathan Sexton

make band posters

Musician and ArtistGrowth co-founder Jonathan Sexton was tired of spending too much time making band posters. He had to create, print, and ship posters for gigs. So he partnered with co-founder Mike Fabio and Back Porch Group, a music business think tank, to develop a solution: Bandposters.

Jonathan, now Bandposters CEO, chats about saving musicians time, partnering with other companies, and whether putting cows on gig flyers is a good idea. Read my interview with him over at CyberPR.

Prevent Stolen Music Gear On Tour


The following is a guest post for Bandzoogle, a platform for website building, direct-to-fan marketing, and sales.

Too many times, we see heartbreaking news of our favorite musicians falling victim to stolen music gear. Imagine putting all your mind, body, and soul into a performance, only to come down and discover you’ve been robbed. Personally, it makes me sick and angry.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, I asked musicians how they secure their gear to ward off robbers.

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How Do Mobile Music Apps Stack Up Against The Rest?


How much time do iOS users spend in different kinds of apps? Flurry, a mobile app analytics company, released a report that reveals how music, media, and entertainment apps stack up against the rest. While mobile music apps aren’t isolated from other entertainment apps, there are still strong takeaways for the music business.

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How to Ace Your Music Business Meetings


The following is a guest post for Bandzoogle, a platform for website building, direct-to-fan marketing, and sales.

If you’ve ever had a corporate day job, you know how terrible meetings can be. The worst meetings can be mind-numbingly boring wastes of time. Just because the music business tends to be on the creative end of the spectrum doesn’t mean it’s immune to bad meetings.

Given the swift pace of the industry, no one can afford to burn time on an unproductive music business meeting. You may land only 15 minutes in front of an important decision maker, so every minute counts.

But don’t stress. There are three components of a successful meeting: preparationthe meeting itself, and the follow up. Here’s how to pull off each one so you’ll ace your next music business meeting.

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Ólafur Arnalds Releases Track with Customizable Layers and Visuals


Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and producer Ólafur Arnalds released a new track with an interactive player. The player allows listeners to add or remove instrumental layers, which affects the visuals shown as the song progresses. [Read more...]

Social Media Is Not Your Band’s Saving Grace

Social media isn't a silver bullet.

Social media isn’t a silver bullet.

In a guest post for AT&T, Brian Solis drops a bomb:

“Hostess baked over 400,000 likes on Facebook and yet the iconic American brand is now shut down.”

Social media gurus/ninjas/mavens hail the power of social media to radically change a business. They write e-books, produce blog posts, and use their own networks to amplify that viewpoint.

Let’s look at the bigger picture. I love social media, and I think it plays a role in any musician’s career. But that role has been grossly inflated.

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The Justin Timberlake School of Landing Pages


Today, Justin Timberlake released his first song as a lead artist in almost 7 years. That’s right; 7 years! To turn this release into an event, Justin and his team at The Uprising Creative made a gorgeous landing page. I think it’s a stellar example of everything a landing page should be.

Let’s take a look at how the landing page dresses up the release of “Suit & Tie.”

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Fuel Your Fans & Feed Your Career: An Interview with CyberPR’s Ariel Hyatt


Ariel Hyatt is the founder of CyberPR, a New York based social media PR firm. Her Cyber PR ® Campaigns and books Music Success in Nine Weeks & Musician’s Roadmap To Facebook & Twitter help connect musicians with new media makers and coach them to create authentic relationships with fans. She is an incredibly knowledgeable person, and I respect and look up to her tremendously.

Ariel is running her own crowd funding campaign for three huge resources. She is releasing two books for musicians, showing them how to dominate social media. A third book is for anyone who wants to build a healthy social media presence.

Here is our chat about how these resources can enhance your career and how to handle the uncertainty that comes with fan funding campaigns.

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